8th February 2017

Pukka pies brings in 1hq to renovate its branding and packaging

1HQ part of new agency roster involved in Pukka Pies largest-ever £8m marketing spend for brand relaunch

Pukka Pies, the nation’s favourite hot pie brand, has appointed 1HQ as part of its new agency network. 1HQ has been tasked with the creation of its refreshed brand identity and packaging to help to drive reappraisal amongst busy mums within the grocery channel, and increase brand integrity for the family owned business.

Lindsay Filmer, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies said, “We are delighted to welcome such talented teams on board as we embark on what is a hugely exciting time for Pukka Pies. Reflecting our company values and understanding our brand vision, we were impressed with the agencies’ shared passion for pies, and enthusiasm for what we’re aiming to achieve. With the brand relaunch marking our biggest-ever marketing investment, we’re confident that we can build on our strong family heritage and cement our position as the nation’s favourite hot pie brand.”

Pukka’s first ever TTL marketing campaign centres around the strapline ‘Everything’s Pukka’, focusing on the good mood feeling created by tucking into a delicious, comforting and heart-warming Pukka Pie in the face of life’s everyday ups and downs.

Claudette Munroe, Account Director at 1HQ commented: "As a brand with such ethos and heritage, it was essential for this spirit to be emulated in its new, consumer-facing identity.  By modernising the brand mark with a warmer tone, softer typography and hidden pie detailing, we're able to allude to the care and craft that goes into absolutely everything that Pukka does.  And, via its proud architecture, earthier tones and more dynamic use of font, the new packaging perfectly captures that warmth and great taste that you get every time you tuck into a Pukka pie."

As part of the relaunch Pukka has invested heavily in product development and consumer testing and were delighted that following independent research the New Best-Ever All-Steak recipe was significantly preferred to their competitive set. The nation’s favourite All-Steak pie has undergone a complete recipe upgrade and now contains chunkier cuts of meat and a richer, darker, oozier gravy. The whole of the New Best-Ever range also features improved golden flaky pastry and a homemade oven-baked appearance.

For further information, please contact: Sajag Patel on +441753 624242 or sajag.patel@1hq.co.uk

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