5th April 2013

Phileas Fogg Strategic & Semiotic Approach

By Amelia Boothman

I have just finished doing one of those brand reinvention projects with lots of different parts of the jigsaw puzzle in play. In a perfect world the pieces should all work together in perfect harmony, but inevitably, even if you start out in hazy optimism, the practicalities of life prevent a great idea becoming a great brand and product, but not this time!

So how did we manage to stay true to the vision? We started with all the jigsaw pieces we had in play…what do consumers think we can and can’t do with this brand….where can it stretch and more importantly, based upon recent history, what does that actually look like?
The consumers were great as usual, telling us what we all had suspected, about the current offer and that others had stolen the game. That's the easy bit.

So this leads us seamlessly onto the tricky bit, as always how do we make it all better, in one seamless package. So what is the purpose to our brand ‘Phileas Fogg’, why and how should it exist in the world of bagged snacks, when we already have so much on offer?
This can often lead you to assembly problem, how to make the product fit the brand. The magic in this case was to co-create a product formula to fit your semiotically derived brand positioning platform and brand heart. Sounds easy, but the trick is to ensure the feedback works both ways, so that you stick within your factory capabilities by working closing with everyone including the product development team.

It is also important that the target consumer is not just left to co-create by giving direct feedback but instead unlocks their latent needs and desires through projective and metaphor exercises.

So how did we do? We certainly think the vision for the product and brand delivers one consistent story that clearly fits the brand positioning. So far results have been very promising (well actually extremely promising, all measures and targets busted, but we’re not counting any chickens), but I think you should judge for yourselves by dropping into the supermarket to give them a try…

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