14th June 2017

Blend the Rules… 1HQ Rebrand Zeo

Zeo, the non-alcoholic, low calorie drink that blends a unique combination of botanicals with fruit juice and spring water has been given a dynamic, fresh look..

In collaboration with internationally acclaimed illustrator, Si Scott, we have created a wonderfully imaginative and abundant landscape of botanical beauty, before bringing it to life across the brand’s range of 330ml cans and bottles (275ml and 750ml) in a way that’s as unique as the brand itself.

“Having gone to extraordinary lengths to re-formulate our four flavours, we needed a design that perfectly reflects our desire to go beyond conventional soft drinks, to be a positive soft drinks choice and that captures the imagination and attention of Millennials,” says Zeo’s Head of Marketing, John Mulvey. “Results to date show that the work that 1HQ, in association with Si Scott, have done is achieving just that.”

To lend further depth to this new identity and to help inspire a multi-sensory consumer experience, structural elements of the packaging continued the story with paper labels and soft touch cans providing a handcrafted, natural feel.


Finally, a fresh, enticing story was crafted for Zeo – ‘Blend the Rules’, designed to capture the spirit and feeling of a drink that has more of an edge, that refuses to conform but that still tastes utterly refreshing.


“Working with 1HQ was great fit for my style.” Says Scott. “Together with Graham (Wall – 1HQ’s Executive Creative Director), we found a way to lend a natural spin to a distinctive visual look & feel. What was refreshing was knowing that 1HQ were inspired by my work and were able to adapt and utilise my illustrations across the whole range of designs. I’m genuinely excited to be a part of the Zeo brand’s evolution, since I believe it’s a brand that is really ahead of the category curve.”

8th February 2017

Pukka pies brings in 1hq to renovate its branding and packaging

1HQ part of new agency roster involved in Pukka Pies largest-ever £8m marketing spend for brand relaunch

Pukka Pies, the nation’s favourite hot pie brand, has appointed 1HQ as part of its new agency network. 1HQ has been tasked with the creation of its refreshed brand identity and packaging to help to drive reappraisal amongst busy mums within the grocery channel, and increase brand integrity for the family owned business.

Lindsay Filmer, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies said, “We are delighted to welcome such talented teams on board as we embark on what is a hugely exciting time for Pukka Pies. Reflecting our company values and understanding our brand vision, we were impressed with the agencies’ shared passion for pies, and enthusiasm for what we’re aiming to achieve. With the brand relaunch marking our biggest-ever marketing investment, we’re confident that we can build on our strong family heritage and cement our position as the nation’s favourite hot pie brand.”

Pukka’s first ever TTL marketing campaign centres around the strapline ‘Everything’s Pukka’, focusing on the good mood feeling created by tucking into a delicious, comforting and heart-warming Pukka Pie in the face of life’s everyday ups and downs.

Claudette Munroe, Account Director at 1HQ commented: "As a brand with such ethos and heritage, it was essential for this spirit to be emulated in its new, consumer-facing identity.  By modernising the brand mark with a warmer tone, softer typography and hidden pie detailing, we're able to allude to the care and craft that goes into absolutely everything that Pukka does.  And, via its proud architecture, earthier tones and more dynamic use of font, the new packaging perfectly captures that warmth and great taste that you get every time you tuck into a Pukka pie."

As part of the relaunch Pukka has invested heavily in product development and consumer testing and were delighted that following independent research the New Best-Ever All-Steak recipe was significantly preferred to their competitive set. The nation’s favourite All-Steak pie has undergone a complete recipe upgrade and now contains chunkier cuts of meat and a richer, darker, oozier gravy. The whole of the New Best-Ever range also features improved golden flaky pastry and a homemade oven-baked appearance.

For further information, please contact: Sajag Patel on +441753 624242 or sajag.patel@1hq.co.uk

26th August 2016


There is a plethora of ‘top ten trends’ lists published every year. But sometimes it feels like you are reading the same list! And what if the so-called trends you read about, turn out just to be a fad?…..We explore how to identify the deeper trends that really matter. You can also taste the latest ones; including alternative proteins (including insects) and Amazonian superfoods and what does 0% proof really mean for drinks…

Amelia Boothman will be presenting Spotting (and tasting) the True Food & Drinks Trends that Matter: at the Food & Drink Business Europe Conference in Dublin, on the 14th September. With follow up talks at The Restaurant Show at London Olympia, on the 3-5th October and Food Matters Live at ExCel, London, on the 22nd-24th November.

We'd love to see you there, but if you can't join us then get in touch and find out how we can meet up for a more in-depth chat about our insight offer at 1HQ.

11th February 2016


Today it's been announced that Ben Glotzer has joined our U.S. leadership team as Creative Director. Glotzer’s appointment is a result of a national search to find a visionary creative leader for our new U.S. studio based in New York City.

“I’m delighted Ben has joined 1HQ USA because he brings a worldly wealth of creative leadership experience along with a native viewpoint to our studio, our business and our global clients, as we bring 1HQ UK to the U.S.,” said Laura Wade, the Managing Director of 1HQ USA. “Ben is a perfect fit for us, as he has specialized talents delivered with an unwavering personal passion that we look for in our 1HQ’ers.”

As a 20-year brand design veteran and leader, Glotzer has designed and launched many award-winning creative campaigns across a diverse range of consumer categories, including food and beverage, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and pet care. Glotzer has led design collaborations with such notable global and regional brands such as: General Mills, Del Monte, Merck, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Kraft Foods, ConAgra, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Wrigley, Merck, Pepsi, Home Depot, and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company.

“I am thrilled to join the world-class 1HQ team and look forward to striking the perfect balance between the art of design and marketing strategy in an effort to strengthen consumers’ connections with our clients’ brands,” said Glotzer.

Prior to joining 1HQ, Glotzer was an Associate Creative Director at CBX, a brand agency in New York City, where he led the creative direction and management of key design initiatives, client engagement and staff development.

Glotzer has a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts.

Welcome to the team Ben!

4th December 2015

1HQ news

We’re delighted to announce that The Ceuta Group has acquired a majority interest in 1HQ. The Ceuta Group is a global, award winning outsourced sales and marketing provider to the health, beauty, personal care and food and drink industries. 1HQ will add its expertise in brand strategy, design and innovation, to the Group’s existing strength in shopper insight, category management, retail logistics and shopper marketing. This creates an integrated Group offer from brand development, right through to the ‘sharp end’ of getting products on shelf and into baskets.

Commenting on the news, 1HQ CEO, Mark Artus, said: ‘This investment will allow us to accelerate our growth plans – not least in the opening of a new studio in New York in 2016, and also the development of Impackt, our adaptive agency offer. Exciting times – both in the new opportunities, scale and geographical reach that this gives us, and in being part of a progressive, accountable and client-centric business that we believe is unique in the marketing services industry. That said, it will be business as usual here at 1HQ and the very high standard of strategic thinking and creativity delivered by our talented teams will only be enhanced by our new partnership.’

If you would like more information, get in touch with your account director or contact us.

29th June 2015

1HQ hire Peter Hazon, ex Pulse Media to lead new venture, Impackt – an adaptive artwork agency

We are delighted to announce our latest high-level appointment, Peter Hazon.

Mark Artus CEO says "Our clients have told us that there is a growing concern about the much needed creative link between global design and print management. On the one hand marketing teams want to protect their investment and integrity of the creative ideas and on the other, procurement teams want to maximise the efficiencies and value of global print management."

Impackt is an adaptive artwork agency set up to provide this much needed link to ensure that our clients' brand design strategy and creative vision are delivered into the market place consistently, saving time and ensuring quality, yet maximising all cost efficiencies.

Peter says, “This new venture will ensure that we continue to add value to our clients, especially in the critical area of design translation. Carefully crafted plans to drive stand out and positive engagement on-shelf, can often come un-stuck in the transition between creative and technical teams. We have created Impackt, to ensure the right message for all our clients’ brands is delivered every time.

Impackt can guarantee that your brand hits the shelves looking just the way it should, exceeding expectations & delivering quality, efficiently and cost-effectively.

21st May 2015

House Of Fraser & 1HQ get interactive with this year’s BAFTA TV Awards

By Nik Davies - Development Director

At 1HQ we are used to answering challenging briefs from our clients, but few more so than the challenge to bring House Of Fraser’s title sponsorship of the 2015 BAFTA TV Awards to life.

The one hard question at the heart of the matter was how to develop an effective link between the activities of the two brands – fashion and the screen arts?

Our concept of fusing fashion, art and technology with cutting edge code in the form of a motion-sensitive dress was unveiled on the red carpet as the world watched on via digital and social media.

While we have seen brands rush to participate with the new media that technology can facilitate, often the relevance of the connection is not in itself particularly thought through.

Having the combination of ingenious creativity and pioneering technology in one agency makes it easier to identify original opportunities, and it’s this combination that set’s 1HQ apart from our contemporaries. We combine the physical with the digital and create strategic brand expression through persuasive creativity and brilliant storytelling - combined with design, art, technology and product innovation.

This collaboration of thinking is key to how we deliver a brand’s narrative, long past the purchase point. Thinking beyond how the media is delivered, past screens and onwards to how it’s created, distributed and exhibited, used and lived with. This powerful combination of imbedded design thinking ensures the product or brand expression can be future-proofed.

For our House Of Fraser client, our concept was to look to new technology and to the connected world we now live in. The dress has always been theatrical, watched, admired and used as a mantle for fashionistas and in the format of ‘interactive fashion’, our concept was to co-create with leading technology artists 'Seeper' and fashion designer 'Rebecca Street', a fashion piece that fused stunning visual affects, brilliant digital patterns and animation - combining art and innovation.

As part of the campaign strategy we devised a competition, solely targeting deign students from London’s top fashion schools, inviting design students to join ‘ the design team’ and see their design concept appearing on ‘The Dress’ at the 2015 BAFTA’s, as well as giving the winning student exclusive tickets to the awards ceremony.

Three designs were then shortlisted by the judging panel and put to a 'public vote' via House of Fraser’s social media channels.

The result on the night speaks for itself.


Click here to read the thought piece that accompanies our work for House of Fraser, written by Pat Fahy, Creative Director at 1HQ.

20th May 2015

House of Fraser and BAFTA Seamless connectivity

By Pat Fahy - Creative Director

The digital age seems a long time ago now - a revolution in its time - but now simply the world around us. It’s everywhere ‘we’ are: home, office, holiday and in how we buy and sell. If we look around, its evident our world is changing rapidly, second by second, where brand and technological innovation play an ever more connected, involved role in our everyday lives.

We are used to answering challenging briefs from our clients, but few more so than the challenge to bring House Of Fraser’s title sponsorship of the 2015 BAFTA TV Awards to life.

The question at the heart of the matter was how to develop an effective link between the activities of the two brands – fashion and the screen arts? Our concept of fusing fashion, art and technology with cutting edge code in the form of a motion-sensitive dress was unveiled on the red carpet as the world watched on via digital and social media.
A stunning piece of live theatre and art-technology was created, with the dress responding to the movements of the wearer, producing a constant, real-time performance. By combining our understanding of both the brand and advancements in new media technology, we were inspired to deliver a concept that could represent the connected world we now live in.

With this dress and items like it, we are entering into a new space where true innovation and the nature of ‘play’ can come to life. The possibilities are seemingly endless for such groundbreaking Wearable Tech; from in-store retail experiences to stand-out experiential and creating real-time, personalised customer experiences through multi platform content.

As we’ve seen in the past decade the catalyst for change has been portable technology – with the likes of Apple and Nike leading the charge with connected wireless wearable’s and more recently technology such as the Apple Watch. Looking wider still to the blurred horizon, we see all the Wearable Technology coming together in all its different guises, such as Augmented Reality being combined with Digital Eyewear, which can propel all types of applications.

Then with Smart Textiles and WT going ever-more hand in glove, there is very strong growth predicted across all areas of cross over. With Healthcare applications, Wearable Technology can improve the quality of life for patients, with digital devices helping them address their own healthcare issues and needs.

In sport and fitness Smartwatches, fitness wristbands, wireless monitors and other new devices are also helping to drive adoption of Wearable Technology.
And finally with such things as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and new ideas from Paypal, Visa and others show that mobile payments are of considerable interest commercially, when combined with the power and flexibility of Wearable Technology.

In a world where the path to purchase is woven so seamlessly across channels and devices, the notion of ecommerce becomes redundant when combined with the limitless options for Wearable Tech. Instead this is becoming more brand commerce - a world where every point of brand interaction can become a point of transaction and a delivery of commerce.

From a technology perspective, the rise of connected objects, new user interfaces and frictionless payment are creating a world where we are constantly, effortlessly, surrounded by opportunities to connect and transact.
The blurring of boundaries is clearly made possible by the technology and made equally made personal by the data captured – but it is made ‘human’ by the wearable nature and aspect of the product.

Our philosophy at 1HQ is ultimately, regardless of all this technology, the convergence of the Wearable with the Technology all comes back to the point of being human. Everything in this ‘new age’ needs to engage with human beings - real people like you and me - and focus more on how we would want to be engaged with ourselves and not focus on the technology that delivers it.

12th May 2015

ZOMBIE BRANDS – DBA Magazine, May 2015

By Mark Artus, CEO

Zombie brands are simply those that have failed to demonstrate their currency to consumers, and the new digital economy is only going to make the challenge more pressing, argues Mark Artus

The late Rodney Fitch, a huge champion of design, believed that shopping was the purpose of life and that design should help to enrich everyone’s shopping experience. He was certainly right from my perspective, but over the last few years the tectonic retail plates have shifted and will continue to reverberate for some time. Simply put, we are now living in a new digital world, and this has fundamentally changed the way we now want to shop. The good news is that innovation feeds on disruption, so we are at a seminal point in the evolution of the retail experience… but will it be for the better?

Each day we head through life surrounded by businesses and their brands. However, recent estimates predict around 100,000 zombie companies and brands operate worldwide. Zombie brands are those which have lost their purpose or meaning to us, brands such as Kodak, Mothercare, Warburtons. These brands are on life-support, their sales are probably flat lining and they aren’t generating the profitability required to grow.

There will be many internal reasons for this that cannot be seen, but there is one that is very clear: these companies have lost their relevance to us, and have failed to ensure that their brands are meaningfully different in a competitive marketplace.

These companies had the intellect and capability to build their brands in the first place, so what happened? Why did things start going wrong?

In my opinion, the tectonic plate shift that has occurred has fundamentally changed the rules of retailing and branding, so boardrooms needed to adapt accordingly, but many have struggled with this.

Take the grocery business. It is hard to imagine that they are still following the basic rules invented in France over 40 years ago, and yet whilst customers’ shopping habits have been changing for some time, some retailers still expect shoppers to trudge around the aisles that are suited far more to store efficiency than they are to the shopper journey. And this is wherein the problem lies.

Massive super stores have built amazingly complex systems over this time to ensure that we get the very best when we need it 24-7. The algorithms to achieve this kind of distribution must be mind blowing and require these big companies to build ever more complex procedures and silos, but these juggernauts mean that it is hard for these procedures to change as fast as consumer preferences. We do like the freshness, the convenience, the quality, the variety, but did we mention that we also really like the experience? The ‘big shop’ is declining, but that isn’t just down to lifestyle factors; it’s also because the ‘big shop’ is a rather boring affair. Talk to anyone about some of the big players and they will tell you that something has been lost, that the drive for efficiency has adversely impacted on the personality and the emotion of the experience. The line “every little helps’ had a real purpose once upon a time, but we all now wonder who is being helped – us or the shareholders.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Retailers such as John Lewis, Waitrose and Next have demonstrated that engaging customers in this brave new world is achievable – it just takes courage and innovation, looking at the world through the eyes of their customers and giving them what they want – whether that’s same-day delivery or consistent, unbeatable quality. Brands such as Dove, Virgin, Apple and Land Rover, meanwhile, continue to build customer loyalty with products that resonate with consumers; that engage and excite us – functionally, intellectually and emotionally. So how do these companies do it? It’s simple, really – although not simple to achieve by any means. They do it by having brands that are relevant and meaningful; by having confidence in business models that don’t depend on discounting to attract customers; and by building (and nurturing) long term relationships with consumers.

Today we have the perfect storm: a struggling economy, city pressure with its demand for short-term results, and a fundamental shift in our shopping habits. But out of crisis comes opportunity, and this is definitely the case in retail. Those who can work out how to appeal to us at an emotional level, who can make us feel good about ourselves as we shop, and who turn a necessary chore into a pleasurable experience (whether online or in-store) are surely the companies who will continue to be relevant for years to come.

26th November 2014

A new Brand, Beer & Brewery for Windsor

Last week saw the launch of our exciting collaboration with Windsor & Eton Brewery, a wonderfully fruity craft beer that at 5.8% packs quite a punch. TREASON is an awesome West Coast I.P.A. using huge amounts of US hops, and the keg we were kindly donated lasted one night which proves it's very good stuff.

With us living in The Old Brewery, and the fact we have a bar here it seemed fitting that we should bring some authentic Windsor brewed beer back to the old building. The Windsor & Eton Brewery supply us with all our in-house lager and ale, and it has been a pleasure for us to create the branding for the newest brewery to share their Windsor brewhouse, Uprising Craft Brewing.

Keiran, son of master brewer Paddy Johnson is the brains behind Windsor's latest local beer. He explains the reasons for this friendly rivalry...

“To me brewing is more than the beer. It’s about the people and sharing good times. I believe ultimately that is why I turned to brewing – there’s no better job than to create a product that brings people together.

Before I joined the brewing team at Windsor & Eton Brewery, I spent a year traveling around the US, Asia, Australasia and Africa talking to many different people and trying so many different foods and drinks. In the last two years, every time I went for a drink with my dad after finishing a day of brewing, we would discuss and argue about what makes a great beer. Though we both share a love of great beer, our tastes are different. That’s how the idea of UPRISING started.

I want to keep pushing those boundaries. It’s an exciting time to be in brewing.”


1HQ looked at the craft beer category and positioned the new brand in a way that would be able to tell the tale of Keiran's real ale heritage. This resulted in the 'Uprising' name after 3 territories came from the father/son, traditional/contemporary tension. A number of variants were created with 'Treason' being the stand-out option.

This all led the direction of the creative work which has been beautifully illustrated with ravens taking flight. A reference to the long held belief that if the ravens ever left the Tower of London, the Crown would fall.


Treason is currently only available in the keg, so while you can pop in to the brewery to sample it, you will need to track it down in pubs to enjoy a full pint. They do hope to have it available in 330ml bottles later in the year though! To find out which pubs you can find Treason on tap, follow them on Twitter @UprisingBrewery

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