14th June 2017

Blend the Rules… 1HQ Rebrand Zeo

Zeo, the non-alcoholic, low calorie drink that blends a unique combination of botanicals with fruit juice and spring water has been given a dynamic, fresh look..

In collaboration with internationally acclaimed illustrator, Si Scott, we have created a wonderfully imaginative and abundant landscape of botanical beauty, before bringing it to life across the brand’s range of 330ml cans and bottles (275ml and 750ml) in a way that’s as unique as the brand itself.

“Having gone to extraordinary lengths to re-formulate our four flavours, we needed a design that perfectly reflects our desire to go beyond conventional soft drinks, to be a positive soft drinks choice and that captures the imagination and attention of Millennials,” says Zeo’s Head of Marketing, John Mulvey. “Results to date show that the work that 1HQ, in association with Si Scott, have done is achieving just that.”

To lend further depth to this new identity and to help inspire a multi-sensory consumer experience, structural elements of the packaging continued the story with paper labels and soft touch cans providing a handcrafted, natural feel.


Finally, a fresh, enticing story was crafted for Zeo – ‘Blend the Rules’, designed to capture the spirit and feeling of a drink that has more of an edge, that refuses to conform but that still tastes utterly refreshing.


“Working with 1HQ was great fit for my style.” Says Scott. “Together with Graham (Wall – 1HQ’s Executive Creative Director), we found a way to lend a natural spin to a distinctive visual look & feel. What was refreshing was knowing that 1HQ were inspired by my work and were able to adapt and utilise my illustrations across the whole range of designs. I’m genuinely excited to be a part of the Zeo brand’s evolution, since I believe it’s a brand that is really ahead of the category curve.”

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