26th November 2014

A new Brand, Beer & Brewery for Windsor

Last week saw the launch of our exciting collaboration with Windsor & Eton Brewery, a wonderfully fruity craft beer that at 5.8% packs quite a punch. TREASON is an awesome West Coast I.P.A. using huge amounts of US hops, and the keg we were kindly donated lasted one night which proves it's very good stuff.

With us living in The Old Brewery, and the fact we have a bar here it seemed fitting that we should bring some authentic Windsor brewed beer back to the old building. The Windsor & Eton Brewery supply us with all our in-house lager and ale, and it has been a pleasure for us to create the branding for the newest brewery to share their Windsor brewhouse, Uprising Craft Brewing.

Keiran, son of master brewer Paddy Johnson is the brains behind Windsor's latest local beer. He explains the reasons for this friendly rivalry...

“To me brewing is more than the beer. It’s about the people and sharing good times. I believe ultimately that is why I turned to brewing – there’s no better job than to create a product that brings people together.

Before I joined the brewing team at Windsor & Eton Brewery, I spent a year traveling around the US, Asia, Australasia and Africa talking to many different people and trying so many different foods and drinks. In the last two years, every time I went for a drink with my dad after finishing a day of brewing, we would discuss and argue about what makes a great beer. Though we both share a love of great beer, our tastes are different. That’s how the idea of UPRISING started.

I want to keep pushing those boundaries. It’s an exciting time to be in brewing.”


1HQ looked at the craft beer category and positioned the new brand in a way that would be able to tell the tale of Keiran's real ale heritage. This resulted in the 'Uprising' name after 3 territories came from the father/son, traditional/contemporary tension. A number of variants were created with 'Treason' being the stand-out option.

This all led the direction of the creative work which has been beautifully illustrated with ravens taking flight. A reference to the long held belief that if the ravens ever left the Tower of London, the Crown would fall.


Treason is currently only available in the keg, so while you can pop in to the brewery to sample it, you will need to track it down in pubs to enjoy a full pint. They do hope to have it available in 330ml bottles later in the year though! To find out which pubs you can find Treason on tap, follow them on Twitter @UprisingBrewery

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